Actually, there is no miracle cure for arthritis! As a matter of fact, there is no specific, singular curative therapy for arthritis. No specific treatment, no specific diet, no specific bath possesses curative properties which can cure arthritis. The cure is accomplished by the healing power inherent in the body itself. The biological treatments only release and actively support this healing power, creating the most favorable conditions for repair, rebuilding, and re-establishment of health.

As I studied the actual cases, interviewed the patients, and observed the various biological treatments used to bring about these remarkable recoveries, I could not help but think that the miracle is not in the fact that these patients are cured, but that these biological methods, which can accomplish such extraordinary results, and which are so widely used in Europe, are virtually unknown in the United States!

This to me is a real miracle: That millions of arthritis sufferers in the U.S.A., hopeless and disillusioned in their despair, have never heard that such methods exist. They are in complete ignorance of the great developments which are now taking place in biological medicine.

It is a miracle, indeed, that the biological methods described in this book are unknown to the public in this country and that 13 million American arthritis sufferers are pacified by repeated, paid commercials which say, “There is no cure for arthritis”!


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