It is important for anyone undertaking this program of prevention to maintain a constructive point of view. These problems are predominantly physical and external in origin, yet to the extent that psychological factors come into play, it is important to maintain a positive attitude. The necessary changes in lifestyle should be made of one’s own free will, since no one such as a parent, spouse, or business associate can really make such important decisions for another person. At some point they must be self-motivated. Second, the patient should not be excessively sorry for himself. Anyone can learn to live a relatively healthy life in a less polluted environment. Despite the temporary difficulties, life can be made simpler and more enjoyable for the susceptible person. The aid and comfort of patients who have brought their own problems under control can be of great assistance.

These suggestions are offered as proposals for improving your health by changing the physical environment. They are not a panacea. Some people may need intensive care by a clinical ecologist or even temporary hospitalization before any real improvement is seen. For the most part, however, following these ten suggestions can make a big dent in a longstanding health problem, ward off any future cumulative chemical exposures, and help one to have a happier, safer, and more carefree existence.


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