The tense or anxious woman is commonly frigid. There is a loss of both sexual desire and sexual response. There may even be a kind of negative response so that the muscles go into spasm, making intercourse difficult or impossible. On the one hand, the anxious apprehension makes the free flow of emotion impossible; and on the other hand, the muscle tension prevents physical relaxation.

It is important to remember that the anxiety which causes frigidity may arise either from sexual conflicts or from conflicts far removed from the sexual area. Thus the anxiety of a woman who fears that she may become pregnant is likely to inhibit her sexual response and she comes to be frigid. On the other hand, a similar response may result from tension arising from conflicts at work.

Everyone knows that frigidity may be caused simply by loss of affection. If a husband is jealous or suspicious by nature, and if his wife becomes frigid, he is likely to interpret her frigidity as evidence that she has taken a lover or at least is looking elsewhere. This may happen even though the frigidity is due to anxiety from quite innocent causes. Frigidity develops between husband and wife; there is increased tension and the frigidity is so much the worse. Fearful lest this type of situation develop, many anxious and frigid women pretend to experience those feelings which are in fact so far from them.


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