Most people will say that they are all right, their bowels move once a day. Many are satisfied when they evacuate only once every two or three days. If your bowels move only once in two or three days you are badly constipated, even if you don’t feel pain or discomfort at present. Such delayed evacuation will eventually, more likely than not, lead to serious illnesses. But even if your bowels move once every day, intestinal sluggishness is definitely indicated.

People living under natural, primitive conditions move their bowels after each meal. Most animals do the same. Healthy infants follow the same pattern. Adults, too, should do likewise. They should at least evacuate twice a day, morning and evening.

Constipation can be corrected only by adopting a sound, commonsense program of natural foods, proper eating habits, plenty of exercise, plenty of liquids, and establishing a habit of regular routine. Laxatives will never solve this colossal health problem. They only weaken the natural functions of the intestines and ultimately cause more harm than good.

The sufferers of arthritis who avail themselves of biological treatments as outlined in this book, will have their constipation problems automatically solved. Fasting, enemas, and “eliminative diets” of raw foods will effectively rebuild and restore the normal function of the intestinal organs and bring about good elimination.


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