A bladder sign is typically found in the fourth minor zone—the muscle zone, in the right iris at 22′, and in the left iris at 37′.

Bladder signs in the right iris are of organic origin and usually hereditary. Those in the left iris arise from infection. With bladder signs in the right iris one should give attention to signs in the ear areas, following the rule: Forefathers with bladder troubles—children with ear troubles. Children having dark bladder signs in the right iris are usually found to have signs in the ear area. Such children tend towards aural disturbances.

In the case of bladder signs in the left iris, look for an aortic sign. If both areas—bladder and aorta—are indicated, then consider the possibility of luetic infection. In such a case a heart sign is usually found as well.

1. Cystitis: inflammation of the bladder: shows white wisps, clouds or lines in the bladder area, or also a dark sign with a surrounding white border. If cramp occurs with bladder troubles (vesical spasm), then the appropriate area will show interrupted cramp-rings

(contraction rings = nerve rings).

2. Atony of the bladder: is a muscular weakness and shows as dark oval lacunae or dark wisp signs in the fourth minor zone (muscle zone) of the bladder area.

3. Cystic paralysis—danger of: is indicated by an extension of this weakness-sign (lacuna) out over the fifth minor zone.


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