The term brain-fag is unfamiliar to most readers. Brain-fag refers to a particular aspect of the environmental disease problem and in fact characterizes the very serious minus-three level. Brain-fag is marked by confused thinking, moodiness, unexplained sadness, and apathy. Frequently, the individual with this phase of the problem cannot concentrate and may find it difficult to express himself. The term itself was first used in this context by an astute patient, and I have adopted it to refer to what may be the most characteristic part of food and chemical susceptibility.

We all know, of course, what fatigue is. Normal people experience it when they have exerted a great deal of energy. Others, however, experience fatigue on an allergic basis. In other words, their tiredness is not related to any particular exertion on their part, is unrelieved by rest or sleep, and is frequently worse in the morning.

Fatigue may also be caused by other disease states, such as chronic infection, metabolic disorders, heart ailments, anemia, dietary deficiencies, or even cancer. If none of these conditions exist, food or chemical allergy should definitely be suspected.

Physical fatigue is a minus-two symptom. It can occur at any age, but not uncommonly afflicts a younger patient than does brain-fag. It can be ruinous for any person who must perform difficult or complicated jobs.


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