Americans have been so brainwashed with the “high-protein” idea that it makes me feel like a heretic of sorts to try to discredit this high-protein myth.

Everybody from a schoolchild to grandma “knows” that a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet is best for your health. You read this in the medical, syndicated columns of your daily newspaper; you hear this on TV and radio commercials; you read about it in the popular health magazines and in books on nutrition by the “experts.” We all have been fed this propaganda and been geared for the high-protein cult for decades— from all possible directions, even from roadside billboards and “beef for health” stickers on automobile bumpers! We are advised by “authorities” to eat lots of meat, eggs, fish, and milk and to get as much protein as possible. In fact, many nutritionists will tell you that you can never get too much protein. And in our kindly American way we feel sorry for all the poor people in “underdeveloped” countries who “don’t get enough protein.”

How did this false myth originate? I don’t really know. Maybe meat-packing industries have some part to play in it. Or perhaps the scientific fact that our bodies are made up mostly of proteins is responsible for it. Whatever the reason, our present nutritional and medical, as well as general public thinking is in complete accord concerning the necessity of a high-protein diet for good health.


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