The program of vital nutrition outlined above has the greatest potential for optimum health and prevention of disease. It is important to realize, however, that a diet which is perfect for the building of health and prevention of disease is not necessarily the best possible diet for a sick person. Particularly in the case of arthritis, certain specific changes in this general nutritional plan must be made. During the first stages of a therapeutic biological program, for example, all bread and milk should be excluded, with the exception of soured milk and yogurt, sprouted grains, and raw wheat germ. The only form of cheese permitted is homemade cottage cheese. When the patient is well on his way to recovery, whole grain bread and milk and milk products can be gradually added to the diet again. However, a person recovering or recovered from arthritis should always be careful with acid-forming foods: bread, cereals, animal proteins, cheese, etc. It is imperative to continue with the program of vital nutrition long after recovery if lasting results are to be expected. The biological program of treatments establishes favorable conditions in your body for the rebuilding and healing processes to take place. These favorable conditions must be maintained indefinitely in order to assure the continuance of good health and prevent the recurrence of disease.


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