Skin. Skin is the largest organ in our body. We tend to underestimate its function in the metabolism process and in particular its excretion capacity. When we sweat, glands in our skin expel toxic waste, which usually does not smell nice. We should clean the skin from such waste, because it clogs the skin, reducing its capacity to excrete more toxins. However, we should be careful which cleaning agents (solvents !) we use, because the skin also has the ability to absorb substances into our body. Techniques to accelerate skin excretion (sweating) are for example the sauna and moderate exercise

Bowel. By weight, most of the solid waste leaves our body here. So any improvement in the rate of detoxification should definitely start here. Colonic or even a simple enema can relieve your body from many kilograms of toxic waste, you should not be attached to at all.

Urinary system. Most of the liquid or water soluble waste leaves our body through the urinary system. How can we improve here ? Drinking a lot (2-5 litres) of pure water a day will make a great impact on the fluid exchange processes in our body, enabling improved flushing of unwanted waste. After all, our body is 75% water and our brain is 90% water. Pure water (in contrast to water polluted with chlorine, fluoride pesticides and other nasties) is necessary to the process of proper fluid exchange.


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