Oxygen therapies use oxygen in various forms (ozone for example) to assist the body in the healing process. Their indisputable effectiveness comes from the fact, that oxygen is a key substance used by our body in the detoxification process. The rate of detoxification can be greatly increased, if the body has an excess of oxygen available to it. Selected safe and very effective techniques of oxygen therapy are listed below. Note, that breathing pure oxygen is NOT listed as the effective therapy. It is not the quantity of oxygen, which is the most important. Most effective healing techniques use minute quantities of active atomic oxygen, in concentrations occurring naturally in spring water and the air in the mountains.

Enema. This was described in detail in a separate section earlier on- in this book. Adding minute quantities of hydrogen peroxide to the pure water used for an enema, delivers small quantities of oxygen directly to excreting organs, helping them to work better. Never exceed the concentration of 1 drop of (30%) hydrogen peroxide per 2 litres of water for your enema. Your safety and comfort are most important. If in doubt, use much less. Do not use hydrogen peroxide sold in pharmacies for external use only. It contains so called “stabilisers” which may be toxic. Use only “analytical” or “food” grade hydrogen peroxide.


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