We will discuss only natural detoxification methods here. By natural I mean methods of assisting and/or enhancing the natural cleansing mechanisms the body already uses every day .

Let us consider some of the organs which are responsible for the excretion of the toxic waste from our body, and see how we can assist in this process.,

Lungs. All our blood passes through the net of blood vessels in the lungs and is oxygenated. This process provides oxygen, necessary to the process of extracting energy from our food. Using this oxygen our body is able to oxygenate (burn) food as well as toxins. Excretion is achieved by exhaling carbon dioxide together with other (sometimes quite aromatic) gases. How can we assist ? Surely lots of clean fresh air would make a difference. Improved breathing techniques could also help. According to the teachings of yoga our breathing should be quite slow and contain four distinct phases: slow inhaling, a wait period, slow exhaling and another wait period. For some people it happens so naturally, that they do not pay attention to it. However it is possible to acquire bad habits, in which case some breathing exercises may help. For instructions regarding breathing technique, look up the books “The oxygen breakthrough” or

“Oxygen therapies” or read a book about yoga.


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