Any woman who has suffered for any length of time from the sharp pain of the cramps or the prolonged difficulty of the aching miseries, will tell you that she’s had to organize her life round her periods. Whether we like it or not, the majority of us aren’t such free agents as men are. There are lots of times when a woman can live and work as she pleases, but for anything from a couple of days a month to nearly half of her life, she has to plan ahead, restrict her activities and make choices. There are also choices to be made when it comes to treating the symptoms, as you may have noticed already.

Bloat and constipation-If you are rationing yourself to four cups of liquid to cut down the bloat, then you won’t be able to drink all the hot water or tea you need to ease your constipation. All sorts of compromises are possible. If you get bloated for ten days and constipated for three, you can ration your fluid intake for a week and then drink what you need to deal with the constipation. Or you can continue to cut down on the amount you drink and take an aperient. Epsom Salts would probably be the most useful, because it will get rid of some of the extra water as well. The choice will depend on how severe each symptom is and how long it continues. But you won’t really be able to avoid a choice.


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