Any woman who has suffered for any length of time from the sharp pain of the cramps or the prolonged difficulty of the aching miseries, will tell you that she’s had to organize her life round her periods. Whether we like it or not, the majority of us aren’t such free agents as men are. There are lots of times when a woman can live and work as she pleases, but for anything from a couple of days a month to nearly half of her life, she has to plan ahead, restrict her activities and make choices. There are also choices to be made when it comes to treating the symptoms, as you may have noticed already.

Dragging pain and fatigue-You may find that the two exercises you have been practising to ease the pain are just too exhausting when you start to lose your energy. I certainly wouldn’t recommend you even attempt dry land swimming when you’re feeling tired, because that is exhausting in the best of circumstances. But you might find that you can manage the pelvic rock providing you don’t do it for very long. Stop as soon as you are tired and rest afterwards. In fact, several short sessions will do as much good as one long one. But if your fatigue is extreme, and even getting up in the morning is too much effort, then you might decide to try to ease your pain with relaxation, hot water bottles and rest rather than activity.


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